Welcome to Free Range Fido, we're located on a 12 acre horse farm, in Richmond Maine. We're not your typical dog daycare & boarding facility.

We believe smaller, 2-4 dog, play groups are better. Not all dogs have the same activity level & play style. With smaller packs, we get to personally know your dog and enjoy interactive play sessions.

"We never charge extra for snuggles & cuddles"


After play sessions, we have rest periods. During that time we offer food puzzles or treat filled toys. There is plenty of space to stretch out and nap before the next play session.

IMPORTANT: We continue to follow the highest level of safety measures for protection against COVID-19, including curbside drop-off & pickup and face masks. We routinely clean and sanitation with pet-friendly, non-toxic disinfectants.

Come. Sit. Stay Awhile.

you don't have to dig deep to have a good time

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