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Play Care


$35 All Day Care

Play. Nap. Repeat


That sums up the day your dog will have at Free Range Fido.

  • We believe smaller, 3-4 dog, play groups are better. Not all dogs have the same activity level & play style.

  • With smaller packs, we get to personally know your dog and enjoy interactive play sessions.

  • Did you know many dogs prefer the company of just a few close, trusted dog friends.

  • Engaging a dog mentally is just as important as physical exercise. Our treat filled puzzle toys helps keep dogs emotionally healthy & entertained during quiet time.


Your pet’s days will be filled with fun.

  • Private dog park access. Free Range Fido has over a half acre of fenced in doggy heaven.

  • Lots of open space to run & play.


  • We have things to climb on and pee on! 

  • Cool down or warm up. Climate controlled indoors, keeps your pup comfortable year round.

  • In warm weather, we have several pools large & small for those water lovers.

Extras (at No Charge)

Unlike other facilities, we don't believe in charging extra for

  • Treats

  • Snuggles

  • Pool Time

  • Sniffing Safaris

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